Tuesday, 4 July 2017

VPC2017: Baroness Agnes' Muff

Baroness Agnes presents this muff, which was made as a gift for Baroness Ginevra, for the category Cover Me.

She says:

The plan was to make a muff to keep hands warm at winter events. That got upgraded to make a fancy muff as a gift for Her Excellency, with who I had discussed my muff plans in the past.
Muffs become popular in Europe towards the end of our period. They were typically lined with fur, the outer being either fur or some other fabric. I chose some jacquard I knew Her Excellency would like due to colour and pattern, and some black synthetic fur I had already.  Embellishments were done in white so that the outer was blue and white, the colours of Her arms.
The pattern was a simple rectangle. The outer fabric was beaded first then lined with heavier fabric to give the muff some structure. The fur was pinned on, and the pieces were sewn together, turned out and finished. Buttons were added. These were added a little in from the edge as I have discovered joining the muff at the edge lets the draft in – a little overlap keeps one’s fingers nice and toasty.

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