Monday, 22 May 2017

VPC2017: Lady Melissa's Painted Shield

Lady Melissa's first entry for the Pentathlon Challenge is this painted shield. It is entered in the category Embellish It - adding decoration to an existing item.

She says:

This entry falls under the category "Embellish it". Nathanael had gone through two previous shields, and I avoided anything fancy on this third one in case it met a quick end like the others. However, as the improved construction and quality of material appeared to be holding up, I decided that the pentathalon entry was a good excuse to get it looking flash. The design is my own: a white stag done in an approximation of the Mammen style (with some deviations to ensure that it was obvious to the viewer that it is a stag and not a generic knotwork beast). Modern paints.

Friday, 5 May 2017

VPC2017: Her Excellency Ginevra's Pin Book

Her Excellency Ginevra has completed this project for the Challenge: a pin book to hold veil and sleeve pins.

It is entered in the categories of One Metre Material Project (definitely less than one metre of fabric here!) and Containment System.

Categories 12 & 25- a book to contain veil and sleeve pins. Made from remnants of velvet, linen and felt.  I put pins on the felt to figure out what size it needed to be, then cut 2 pieces of felt- one that size, and one 1/2 an inch larger on both sides. I wrapped the velvet around the larger piece, cut away some excess fabric, and sewed it to stay put.  I then sewed a piece of linen to cover the edges of the velvet and the middle section of the felt.  This made the cover. I sewed the pages to the cover along the spine of the book, and made some cords to tie it closed out of silk embroidery thread.  It was a quick and easy project, and something I'd been wanting for a while.