Friday, 30 June 2017

VPC2017: Mistress katherine k's Tudor Lead Sounding Line Scale Model

For Mistress katherine's seventh entry in the challenge, she has made a scale model of a Tudor lead sounding line, complete with traditional fathom markers. This is submitted for the categories Oh Say Can You Sea?, and String Theory.
She bashed a hollow into the base of the lead sinker to fill it with lard.

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

VPC2017: Mistress katherine k's Spindle Whorls

Undaunted by having technically already completed the challenge, Mistress katherine has continued to submit entries. This project - spindle whorls, is submitted for the category Tool Me Once.

Mistress katherine says about this project:

I made a batch of these for a Kingdom A&S entry last year and promptly lost them at the event. Here's another attempt; I'm still not happy with them, so will give them another go, but I have learned more on this second attempt, which means the third lot should be better, right?

You can read all about the overall project on Mistress katherine's own webpages here.


VPC2017: Mistress katherine k's Armorial Tombstone

Submitted for the categories Forget Me Not, and Show Us Your Arms, this entry marks Mistress katherine's fifth entry into the Challenge, and makes her the first person to meet the Pentathlon requirement, and complete the Challenge!

She will receive a prize for doing so.

Here is her description:

This rather macabre project involved producing a tracing of katherine kerr's tombstone, which is very similar to that of her cousin Ionet Ker (Lady Restalrig). According to the 1927 drawing made by S.T. Calder in Restalrig Church, Janet Kerr died on the 12 Day of Maii Anno 1596. Katherine's tombstone follows the same pattern, but notes that she died on the 31 Daie of Dec 1599 (the last day of the SCA period); cites her as being a Pelican & Laurel; and includes her arms (with the hopefully soon-to-be-passed augmentation) marshalled with those of her husband Master Bartholomew Baskin.
 You can find Ionet Ker's tombstone here.

VPC2017: Mistress katherine k's Award Cords

More in Mistress katherine's industrious output, these Award Cords, presented for the categories String Theory, Give What You Get, and Fly The Colours (and Out of Your Comfort Zone)

She says:

Half-a-dozen award cords in baronial colours. This could also count in Out of Your Comfort Zone as I used this to learn how to do four-ply braiding which I'd never done before. Strings are definitely not my thing, but I'll keep practising the four-ply as I liked the result.