Sunday, 13 August 2017

VPC2017: Lady Melissa's Belt With Bone Buckle and Strap End

This belt is an entry from Lady Melissa - she started the project before BA, but this is acceptable for the category Remake, Reuse, Refashion, Reconsider (and it also fits in Show Us Your Arms). I believe this makes Lady Melissa's fifth project, making her the second person to finish the five projects aspect of the Pentathlon, and earning her a prize to be awarded at a future event.

She says:

I started this project before BA, but it was sitting unfinished due to a number of challenges regarding safely riveting through bone and obtaining a suitable leather (which needed to be blue, as it was for Nathanael, whose device is a white stag on a blue field). I have finished it for the pentathlon challenge!
This is a belt with a bone buckle and strap end. The buckle was carved out of cow bone, and the strap end is carved out of sheep bone. The strap is commercially veg-tanned blue leather. The buckle is loosely based on the Borre belt buckle, which features two wolves rather than two deer. The strap end is based on a Jelling-style dragon strap end, modified to represent a stag instead. The belt is slightly less than 2cm wide.