Saturday, 11 January 2020

PGC2019: Maestra Isabel Maria's Games Box

Baronessa Isabel Maria enters her games box in the category "What revels are in hand?  Is there no play, To ease the anguish of a torturing hour?"


"At longer events it is not unusual to find yourself with nothing specific to do.  While many times a pleasant conversation can be found, sometimes it is necessary to find a way to while away the time.  As a child, I was usually directed towards board or card games, so I was curious to know what similar pastimes Isabel Maria might be familiar with. Once I started looking, I found there was a variety of amusements from the 16th century, many of which I have slowly been collecting. 

Game Box Contents

Alquerque board (not shown), Gluckhaus board (based on the one found here), chessboard, decks of cards (in both the German and Spanish styles), pewter dice, knucklebones (my childhood set), Nine Men’s Morris (a gift from my parents), noughts & crosses (a gift) and dominos, as well as some instructions for various games – particularly card games. 

Also included are jettons and limited numbers of various imitation Spanish coins of the 16th century, with which to better enjoy the period passtime of gambling, but without the attendant risk of financial ruin.

As many games and accoutrement as possible are stored in appropriate wooden boxes, metal containers or cloth bags of varying refinement.

Construction & Shopping

This project is more of a journey than a destination – this collection is constantly being added to, refined and curated to meet the needs of either my persona or various events.  For example, a recent addition is the the alquerque board (see a forthcoming entry for that), and before that, a deck of late 16th German cards, (printed on card but without plastic coatings) to complement my Spanish deck (printed with modern finishes).


I like having a variety of ways to pass the time between activities at events, or during the evenings at Canterbury Faire.  Gluckhaus is a particular favourite."


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